A Fun community

Our Vision

As a community we aim to provide a fun, safe, high-quality roleplay experience.
The community has been around since early 2022 and many people have met a lot of new friends. We hope to give everyone a great experience within our community.


Create your story

Decide your fate

Within the city of Los Santos you can do many things.
This can range from being a business owner, being one of the top-tier racers within the racing scene, being a high-end drug king pin that is feared by many people or just a chill person who makes a bunch of friends who could maybe do all the work for them.


What do we offer?

We offer a variety of activities such as bowling with friends, binge watching TV, Playing tennis with friends or even going to ride the ferris wheel at the Lunapark fair. This is just to name a few but there are many more!



How to join the community

Due to past experiences we've decided to become a whitelisted community. This allows us to somewhat gate-keep the people entering to ensure a healthy community. What does this mean? Well, This means that you are required to make an application which you can do by clicking here.

Meet the team